“All people are entrepreneurs, but many don't have the opportunity to find that out.” - Muhammed Yunus (Founder Grammean Bank, Nobel Prize Winner)

Start-Up Resources

Bringing your start-up idea to life is exciting and challenging.

As an entrepreneur, it takes courage, a clear plan, the right support, dedication and a sense of humour to prevail.

Your reward is the pleasure of growing a profitable and sustainable business from your idea.

Getting the right support can be crucial and I've coached many entrepreneurs to develop, launch and grow their start-ups.  Click here if you'd like to set up a 30-minute call to find out more.

The resources on this page will help you:

  • Get your head in the game: Develop the confidence and mindset for success,  overcome the fear of quitting your day job
  • Prepare for success: Develop a robust business plan, design your brand and capture your business' X Factor
  • Make it happen: Deliver on your plan, make the most of your time, overcome challenges and learn from failures
  • Grow your business and be profitable: Create strategies to find customers and enhance profitability, continuously improve, grow a sustainable business

Start-Up Coaching Success Stories

Patrick (Branding Entrepeneur)

I've been really lucky with my career so far.  I started out in brand management at a global FMCG company and have also spent time as a Marketing Director with a branding consultancy. ... read more »

Catherine (Transition Coach)

I started working with Phil when I was a senior pursuit consultant at a global professional services organization. Initially we focused on trying to find me a different position within... read more »

Zahra (Fashion Entrepreneur)

Once upon a time…someone said to me - "you'd probably be great at PR!" at the time I thought these were THE magic words. I had just finished my first degree and would have described... read more »