Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can coaching work for me?

    Coaching is a catalyst to help accelerate your career journey and achieve your personal goals.  Working with a coach allows you to step back from everyday life and get focused on what is most important to you. 

    We'll set clear objectives for the coaching, and set a timescale for success.  Our focus depends on your objectives which may range from a career change to getting a start-up off the ground or learning how to create a balanced, happy and successful lifestyle.

    We'll set out a program to achieve your goals by:

    1) Developing the necessary skills and mindset

    2) Finding focus and motivation

    3) Taking effective action

    You'll get structure, support, motivation and accountability to accelerate you to achieve your goals.

  • How does your coaching differ from others out there?

    First I have a different background and skill set from other coaches.  I've had a professional career and figured out how to find meaning and enjoyment from work.  I've been fortunate to build a start-up from scratch into a sustainable, profitable business whilst maintaining a happy and balanced life. 

    Less Ordinary Living offers a personalized coaching service.  Once I am your coach I become your resource for personal and professional development.  I keep my practice small deliberately, so I can support clients on an ongoing basis.

    Finally, my coaching philosophy relies on developing sustainable skills to achieve goals.  Although achieving short-term goals is important, you'll develop the skills to successfully overcome any challenge you face in the future with confidence.

  • What is your background and training?

    I'm a professional coach with 4 years experience helping clients create outstanding careers and remarkable start-ups.  I specialize in helping ambitious and talented people make the most of their potential and thrive.

    I'm a qualified accountant with 10 years of client service experience with Deloitte in both London and San Francisco.  I qualified as a coach in 2007 with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and I'm certified to administer many psychometric tests including the MBTi indicator and the Lominger Career Architect.

    Prior to launching Less Ordinary Living, I worked as an in-house coach with Deloitte helping leaders and high potential professionals take their career to the next level.

  • How long do people normally work with a coach?

    As each coaching engagement is very personal and has unique objectives, the timeline can vary.  However a typical coaching engagement would last between three and four months. 

    We'll have regular 60 minute sessions three or four times each month where we'll review your progress and set the next challenge to achieve your goal. 

    At the end of each session you'll get clear action steps to move the process forward, reinforced by a follow up email.  I'll provide constant email support between sessions to address challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Do you offer a consultation?

    It impossible for me to be the right coach for everyone, similarly not everyone is the right client for me.  I believe it's vital to have an initial 30 minute consultation to test the chemistry and get clear on your objectives.  If this works well, we can get started on meeting your goals straight away. Click here to set up your no-obligation 30 minute call

  • How much does coaching cost?

    Every coaching engagement is unique.  We will design a clear objective for our work and set timelines around this.  We'll discuss pricing in the consultation to deliver the best possible value for your investment of time and money.

    If you're interested in scheduling your consultation, click here.


  • Why should I invest in myself?

    An investment is key to success in all things. Whether we're talking time, energy or money; you'll find most successful people have made significant investments in their development.  They constantly strive to learn new skills, develop themselves and keep growing.  Their investment repays itself many times over in the satisfaction and reward of remarkable work, a thriving enterprise and a balanced lifestyle.

  • What kind of clients have you worked with in the past and what changes have they made?

    I love working with ambitious, creative, smart people looking for the catalyst to take their career, business or life to the next level.  My clients come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and in particular consultants, accountants, lawyers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and creative roles.

    I've helped hundreds of people to make career changes, set up thriving start-ups, work for themselves and develop happy and balanced lifestyles

    Example changes I've recently coached clients through are:

    • Moving from a marketing role to setting up their own creative agency
    • Accelerating a career journey in advising private clients on wealth management
    • Developing a freelance career as an author, broadcaster and lifestyle expert

    Please click here to read more client success stories


  • What's the difference between coaching, therapy and other counselling services?

    Coaching with Less Ordinary Living is about getting the most from yourself and fulfilling your potential.  It is about understanding the present, setting clear goals for yourself and learning how to successfully reach those goals.  Coaching will accelerate your journey and help you find meaning and enjoyment in your work and life.

    Therapy and counselling are about coming to terms with past events that are blocking you from moving forward in the present. I am not a qualified therapist or counsellor and if that is the most appropriate service for you, I will help you find the right professional support.

  • Does it matter where I live?

    No.  I have clients based all over the world and coach on the telephone, through video conference and face-to-face. 

    We'll schedule our sessions in advance to make sure we find a time that works for you.